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First Update: November 12, 1999

Well since this is the first update just about everything is new, eh? So I'll just list a temporary file of what's around. There are three pics in the fanart gallery all submitted by the Disgruntled Giraffe to whom I owe a small debt of gratitude. Unfortunately, that's all I have just now. With luck, I'll have lots more next time so be sure to check back!

Upadate: November 13, 1999

Second update and not all that much to report! Heh. Changed the "Quote of the Moment" to something much less serious and maybe a little confusing, but that can be good. Also added a Stuff page on which can be found my thank yous, the comments of the contributing artists, and an archive of my "Quotes of the Moment". That's it. Hopefully, next time I'll have more art to display.

Update: December 15, 1999

Hmm..long time between updates, eh? Well, at least this time I have something to mention! I added a fan doujinshi to the Miscellaneous page called Crossover Hell. I think it's pretty funny and hope you will too. Check it out, ok? Also changed the quote of the moment on the advice of the people at Crunchy Frog. So..that's it. See you soon and keep checking back!