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This humble page owes its existence to more than one person. Yes, I, Desperate Angel, was the one to write most of the html and conceived the whole idea, but without a few others it would never have come about. Here you will find a small thank you meant for those who really aided me.

First, there is Erika Chopin. Reka-lady, how long have we been friends? Just over a year, I'm guessing, though, even in such a short time, I really do feel that she's become a good friend--always so kind and willing to help. She's the one who helped me with all my numerous html and picture editing questions. Without her, this page would be nothing.

Next, I guess I have to mention Disgruntled Giraffe or she'll pull her pics and I won't have anything at all to display. ^0^ Just kidding, Goma dear. Truly, she's been a great big huge and immense help (a pita too at times, especially when complaining about the scanner/adobe or questioning what Tripod will and will not find offensive...but I digress) and, without her, there'd be nothing here. So, thanks DG-sis. You really are a great and talented kid.