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Q: So what exactly is a RPG?

A: The anagram RPG stands for Role-Playing Game, just like the ones you play on your favorite console. Basically, it's a situation where one takes on the persona of a character and, given particular situations, acts out just as that character would--well, more or less.

Q: What type of on-line rpgs are there?

A: Basically, there are two. One is an e-mail rpg which is, just as the name suggests, a role-playing game played through e-mails. The other is a Message Board RPG. This is the type of game this rpg is.

Q: So, what IS a Message Board RPG?

A: A Message Board RPG is one that takes place using a Message Board. Usually, one will go there, type his or her post (a post is where all the action takes place: where characters interact, fight, and all that good stuff), waits for another person to post, then replies to whatever the others have written.

Q: Ok. So, in this case, how is the winner of a fight determined?

A: Ah see, this is the tricky bit. I know that no one wants their character to be hurt in any way, but it's an inevitablity that comes with fighting. So, usually I don't agree with damage calling (damage calling is when the person throwing the attack states outright how much damage it does. For example: "Sephiroth casts Ultima, causing the entire party to be knocked unconcious") and so I think I can trust persons to be wise in judging how much damage attacks can cause. However, if this ends up causing problems, I may wind up designating someone to be in charge of calling damage.

Q: Ok, now that I got that down, how often do I have to post?

A: Well, I'd say at least once a week just so your character doesn't fall behind or end up causing the story to lag. However, if you have reasons for not posting (i.e. Homework, band/sport practice, being grounded, going on vacation, illness, being abducted by aliens, losing your drum...) I tend to be fairly understanding about it.

Q: Can my character be related to another character?

A: Of course he or she can! It makes things interesting. However, if your characters aren't naturally related (i.e. Cloud and Fei..who aren't even from the same places...) it'd be kind of hard to believe that they're really related. On the other hand, if you bring in a made up character and want to have him or her related to someone that's fine with me as long as you and the character you want your character to be related to doesn't mind.

Q: Can I use a character I made up myself?

A: Of course you can, as long as he or she will fit into the game without causing too many problems.

Q: Can I post for another character?

A: Usually, I would say no. However, I guess if it's a situation where the other person knows that you'll be posting for his or her character, then I suppose it'd be alright. But you can't just post for another person's character because you want him or her to react in a certain way. That's just too close to god-moding.

Q: What does "god-moding" mean?

A: It's the same thing as being a "zippie." It's hard to really explain, so I'll just give you an example. "Raising his gun, Vincent slowly pulls the trigger. A single bullet races from the barrel and pierces Cloud directly through the heart, killing him instantly." See, it's alot like damage calling. The problem is Cloud didn't get a chance to defend himself or even attempt to dodge the attack. Another facet of god-moding is having it so that your character can never be hurt. I do NOT like this and will not put up with it. At one time or another, your character will get hurt. It's part of the game. Deal with it.

Q: How many characters can one person play?

A: I would say two at the very most. It's easier for everyone that way.