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Welcome the Artist Commentary Page. This is where I give the individual artist their oppurtunity to comment on the pictures/stories/ect that they contribute so we can get an interesting if not scary glimpse at the mind of the artist and madman. Eventually when there are more contributers I'll make a whole page but for now I'll just let DG-chan have this for her own.


Hihi everyone! My name is Goma though I have also earned the nickname "Disgruntled Giraffe" which is how I sign most of my artwork....when I bother signing it. Ok, maybe I'll just get on with it. Here we go!

"Tempest from L:SSSC"--Hmm...what to say about it? I know a lot of people complain about it being on notebook paper but I did do another on artist paper and it really sucked so I kept this one. The resemblence is a little weak, I think, but it's overall not too bad.

"The Desperate Angel"--OK...for those who don't know..."Desperate Angel" is a cool though short song by a J-Rock group called X, later X-Japan. I forced DA to listen to it and !Suprise! she liked it! So she adopted the nick as her own and used it for the name of her page. For some reason, she asked me to draw a pic for the front page. I asked her what she wanted. She said "something that would fit." She's such a big help, ya know? Anyway, I thought an angel would be cool so I doodled one in Math class..(Notes? We don't need no stinking notes!) and DA liked it. I did a better drawing of it scanned it, fed it through Adobe. I believe it's in its third form now...and there's still another to come. Maybe it'll be right sometime soon. ^-*

"Laguna & Raine"--*laughs* Lee-chan, where shall you lead me in the future? OK, this one originally came from the tortured and twisted mind of Lee. Originally I was going to make it with two guys... (Maybe Squall....or Zell...though Squall would be a better contrast) and might still do it if I get free time. Anyhoo, I'm not really satisfied with it. The bodies and heads don't match too good. They look all weird. I think I will have to do it again. Alors...