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You know something, it's weird. This all started with just one small Pikachu..and now it's spread to another page. If this goes much further, I may have to get an extension on this place.

Oh well, I'm more than happy to give these kawaii friends a good home. So, please stop by, say hello and maybe consider adopting a pet of your own. I promise, you won't regret it!

Meet my new Catgirl, Yuzu-chan!

If you want to adopt a Catgirl or Boy for your own, then please stop by here

Hey look! It's a family of adorable slimes! Aren't the just adorable!

Adopt Your Obscure Character Today!
Adopt An Obscure Chara
This AAOC Character was adopted by: Goma-chan

Poor things, I found them cowering in the trench behind my house. They were all dirty and confused and scared. I took them in, meaning just to give them some food and clean them up, but they decided to stay. Oh well, they're so cute--I don't mind at all!

Oh my! It's the Cheif of the Gorons, that slam-dancing maniac Darunia!!

Adopt Your Obscure Character Today!
Adopt An Obscure Chara
This AAOC Character was adopted by: Goma-chan

I still can't believe the Cheif of all the Gorons is my adopted child! How spiffy is that?! And all that just for letting him borrow my Spice Girls CD. Wow, cosmic. ^.*

"Wow! Doen't he look just like that Badtz Maru guy?!"

Anime Adoption Agency:Adopt a pet Today!
Chrissie Jr!

This cute little penguin told me he's SO tired of hearing about that...well he did after I gave him a fine kettle of fish. He also tried to light fire to my drapes...but I think that was just an accident. Anyway, because of his lovely attitude and strange appearance I named him in honor of my good friend, Chris DeGaldo.

"Hey, look! It's a happy little group of Chocobo!"

Crono, my adopted chocobo
 Kermit, my adopted chocobo
Arlo, my adopted chocobo
Prima, my adopted chocobo
Mr Funnybottoms, my adopted chocobo
Mr Funnybottoms
Chokmah, my adopted Chocobo

I got my Chocobo from
Adopt a Cyber Chocobo!

It's so odd that I took these guys in. I mean, they just show up at my door one morning demanding all my pop tarts, nilla, and any alcohol I have on hand! I was going to slam the door on 'em when I noticed Kermit in the back. Yeah, he's scary, isn't he? So, I let 'em in and have yet to see them go. Oh well, at least they keep the neighbor's cats from eating my herb garden.